19 May No eyeliner? No problem. Use Lash Noire to complete your no-eyeliner look!

Hey Lash Noire ladies,

We hope you’re reading this blog while you’re about to get ready and work on your eyes because you may want to try this quick tip by ditching the eyeliner and fully taking on the Lash Noire lashes look! You may be saying “I could never do that!” or you could be latched to your favourite eyeliner – but believe us: you can achieve a flawless no-eyeliner look by simply wearing the right pair of Lash Noire lashes that compliment your eye.

Sometime it’s nice to skip the eyeliner step in the make-up process because:

  1. It saves you time! There’s need to find that pencil sharpener or ensure your liquid eyeliner hasn’t dried up!
  2. You instantly get an effortless look! You know what they say “less is more.”
  3. The full attention focuses on your lashes!

Need to see it to believe it? Check out Lash Noire’s founder Ling on YouTube with the entire no-eyeliner make up tutorial and try it out for yourself!


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