07 Apr Meet Lash Noire’s creator – Ling Agaran!

Love Lash Noire lashes? Well, it’s time to fall in love with the girl who created them. Say hello to Ling! With a passion for beauty and a heart of gold – you’ll see why Ling wants to share Lash Noire with all of you ladies. Get to know the girl behind the magic with these cool, quick facts!

  1. First things first – a serious question: what’s your favourite snack to eat?

Ling: Oh boy! I’m more of a salt kind of girl. Put a bag of Cheetos in front of me and I will eat them all to myself in one seating!

  1. Which type of Lash Noire girl are you?

Ling: I’m definitely the Femme Fatale and the Cinema Siren Lash Noire girl. Both styles are bold and glamorous!

  1. Summer’s coming! Where would you like to travel and spend your days sippin’ on fine wine in the sunshine?

Ling: Maui! I would catch the next flight to Hawaii in a heartbeat! Ahhh the beach…

  1. What’s your favourite song to listen to when you work out?

Ling: I always need to work out to something upbeat – so anything that mixes dance-pop or latin-pop and I’m good!

  1. Tell us a bit about your work in the beauty industry?

Ling: I’m a professional makeup artist and I also operate an on location hair and makeup service for brides or individuals needing hair and makeup services on their special day. When I’m not freelancing, I collaborate for photo shoots with talented artists in the industry. I literally live and breathe makeup or anything to do with beauty!

  1. It’s a Saturday night out on the town. What’s your go-to outfit to match with your Lash Noire lashes?

Ling: When my hair, makeup, and Lash Noire lashes are on, I know I’m set! Then I usually go to my closet and wear black skinny pants or jeans, a pair of sexy heels and a fitted top…or my little black dress!

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