15 Apr Dance the night away this weekend with Lash Noire

Bond_Girl_Lashes (24s of 32)_pp

The weekend is almost here!

If you’ve had a long work week or many hours studying at school, take the time to enjoy Friday and Saturday night and let loose, get fancy, and rock your Lash Noire lashes for a night on the town.

That’s right, ladies. Your inner Bond Girl should be in full effect! Put your high heels on and get a martini glass in your hand.

Here are the top reasons why Lash Noire lashes are the finishing touch when you get on the dance floor. (And yes, we’re twisting this blog post with a fun approach!)

  • Make sure you’re selfie-ready: Pose in any angle when your friend takes a snap of you and your lashes are bound to pop! We can see the likes increasing on your future Instagram post already.
  • You’ve impressed the cutie at the bar: Of course you’ll be looking glamourous from head-to-toe, but that sparkle in your eye doesn’t lie! When you wink and bat those lashes at someone who catches your eye, I’m sure a conversation will follow up seconds later.
  • Shake it off, shake it off: Dance your booty off and with the right eyelash glue, we guarantee that your lashes will last until the midnight hours. We dare you to “whip your hair back and forth” and see your lashes stay top-notch and in formation!
  • Skip the washroom freshen-up: Ladies, we’re all guilty of this. How many times do we go to the washroom and touch up our makeup? With your lashes on, all you need to do is show off that beautiful smile in the mirror and head back to the party!


So the next time you plan for a Girls Night Out or get ready for a thrilling weekend, bring Lash Noire along to the party.


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