26 May 1, 2, 3…Selfie!

Hello Lash Noire ladies,

Here’s a fun fact: May is National Photo Month! Crazy, huh? And with the popularity of smartphones, their apps, and filters…they all bring us to the one thing we are guilty of doing: the selfie.

For the remaining days in May, embrace “the selfie” and take as many photos as you can wearing Lash Noire lashes! Wear the Bond Girl lashes – selfie at the casino with a martini. Rock the Doll Face lashes – selfie at an afternoon tea time with your friends. Show off the Vivacious Vixen lashes – selfie at a fancy party. There’s a perfect pair of lashes to meet your selfie needs.

Check out our Selfie Queen of the Week showing off her Lash Noire lashes!

Photo of @zeleny_est89 via Instagram

Lash Noire Selfie









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